Presenting Ivor Davis - Author & Journalist

"Ladies and Gentlemen---the Penguins" is a new, fanciful tale about four British penguins who live on the Falkland Islands and decide they want to be rock stars with careers bigger--well almost--than the Beatles! Author Ivor Davis wrote the prize winning "The Beatles and Me on Tour."

Official publication date is June 4th 2018--with the ability to get pre-orders on Amazon soon.

London born author journalist Ivor Davis first came to America in the early Sixties and was appointed West Coast Correspondent for the four million a day circulation London Daily Express in l963.

His first big assignment in 1964 was to hang out, travel with and get to know the four members of a new pop group from Liverpool who were tearing up the world with their music and amazing energy.

He was there to witness it first hand, living and breathing life on the road with the band.

Over a more than four decade career as a foreign correspondent for the Express and the Times of London, he covered major events in North America. He penned a weekly entertainment column for the New York Times Syndicate for over 15 years interviewing some of the biggest names in showbusiness from Cary Grant to Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton to Tom Cruise and Muhammed Ali.

In 1962 he was smuggled onto the campus of the riot torn University of Mississippi when James Meredith was enrolled and three years later was in the frontlines as Los Angeles' Watts Riots erupted.

He was a co-author of the l969 political book "Divided They Stand" and witnessed some of the biggest trials in American history. Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of killing Bobby Kennedy in 1969. Black militant Angela Davis who was acquitted of murder in l972. A year later he attended Daniel Ellsberg's trial for leaking the Pentagon Papers. He was in San Francisco in 1976 to see heiress Patty Hearst convicted of robbery after being kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

In l969 he co-wrote "Five to Die" the first book ever published about the Sharon Tate murders. The book was updated in 2011. As a foreign correspondent he traveled throughout the western hemisphere covering riots, floods, earthquakes and politics. As Editor at Large for Los Angeles Magazine he and his late wife Sally Ogle Davis wrote over 100 major magazine and cover stories. He has reported on four World Soccer Cups for CBS radio.

His latest book is "The Beatles and Me on Tour" recounting how he was embedded with the Beatles and traveled with them on their first American tour in l964, as a reporter and a ghostwriter for George Harrison.

He is currently working on another entertainment book.